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What to Wear

Men, please wear boxers or shorts under loose, comfortable clothing. Ladies, please wear a bikini top or other top that can easily be untied under loose, comfortable clothing. Please wear flat, secure shoes or go barefoot for safety. The instructor will assist every student to feel safe during the massage class. No one will be exposed beyond the part of the body being massaged at any time. While each class group has a slightly different it is always a safe and respectful environment. Our instructors are trained to ensure it is so.

What to Bring

Please bring water in a closed container to have with you at all times beneath the massage table. All equipment is provided for you including high quality massage table, linens, oil, lotions, and music.

What to Expect

Our couples massage classes are based on massage techniques by, Marie Neugent that have been provided to her clients for many years. When attending the Couples Massage Class you will walk away giving a better, longer, massage then you ever thought possible. Each subsequent class you take, the instructor will teach you new tricks of the trade to enhance the massage experience for both you and your partner.

Who Attends

Everyone and anyone that loves a good massage and wants to develop a new skill set or bond with a loved one. While these classes are often couples – friends and family members are welcome. The class is designed so that everyone has a good time and feels comfortable. We do our best to educate, inspire, and provide a unique learning experience so every person attending leave with good memories as well as a solid foundation for this valuable lifelong skill. We discourage expecting couples to attend class. Separate private classes can be scheduled so they can be custom fit and safe for you and the baby.

Do Not Attend If

Please do not come to the couple's class as a single person, and do not come to the parent/child classes without a child present. Two people are required to attend the class. Please call ahead of the class if there are any problems.
Do not attend if you or your partner/child has any major health concerns or illnesses, lesions, wounds or cystic acne in the areas being massaged. Do not attend if you are not able to be accommodated on a 500 lb. capacity table including work weight (pressure applied while massaging).
Please do not attend if you are pregnant. We highly recommend that you choose a private lesson instead which is customized for the unique needs of the mother and baby. We do not accept responsibility for any individuals that attend class with contraindicated conditions and/ or have adverse reactions that result in illness or injury and we reserve the right to not admit such individuals into the group class.

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